Is Webflow Good for SEO (in 2024)? Complete Guide

Is webflow good for SEO?

Webflow is one of the world’s fastest growing website design and hosting platforms. And it’s no wonder why – its visual drag-and-drop builder makes creating custom websites a breeze, even for those of us with no coding experience at all.

But how good are Webflow’s SEO features? Is Webflow good for SEO in 2024?

The short answer is yes!

Webflow is great for SEO optimisation and has a number of features that can help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). If you’re considering Webflow but unsure about it’s SEO ability vs WordPress, read on and we’ll explain.

But as with anything, there is always room for improvement – and we’ll explore some of the ways you can optimise your site on Webflow for SEO in this article.

So, let’s get started!

1. What is Webflow ?

Webflow is a website builder and hosting service that helps you create and publish websites without needing to write any code. It offers a range of features, including templates, drag-and-drop tools, and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to get started.

It might surprise you to know that Webflow was founded in 2013, but it already has gained more than 3.5 million users worldwide. That’s quite an achievement in just a few short years.

2. How does Webflow work

Webflow works by giving you access to a visual editor where you can design and build your website using pre-made templates, or by starting from scratch. Once you’re happy with your site, you can publish it with just a few clicks. Webflow also offers a built-in hosting service, so you can host your website on their servers without having to worry about setting anything up.

On each page you have the ability to set your headings tags, meta descriptions and URL slug, as well as control how Google displays your page title. You can also choose to add additional pages, blog posts and other content to your website.

3. Is Webflow bad for SEO?

The truth is that, like any other platform, whether or not Webflow is bad for SEO depends on how you use it.

If you’re not careful, it’s actually quite easy to create a website that’s difficult to index and rank. However, if you take the time to optimize your site correctly, you can achieve the same results as you would with any other platform.

Webflow offers a number of features that can help you create a well structured website that’s optimized for SEO.

For example, you can easily add alt text to images, which is important for image search. You can also control the title and meta tags for each page, as well as create custom URL structures.

4. What are the benefits of using Webflow?

There are plenty of benefits to using Webflow for SEO, including:

– No coding required – you can build your entire website without a single line of code

– A wide range of templates and design options to choose from

– Intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes creating custom websites easy

– Built-in hosting so you can publish your website with just a few clicks

5. Can you do SEO in Webflow?

Yes, you can do SEO in Webflow. There are a variety of ways to improve your SEO using the inbuilt Webflow tools.

Some general tips include:

– Use descriptive and keyword rich titles for your pages

– Use the correct header tags (H1’s, H2’s, H3’s) to break up your content and help control the hierarchy of your page

– Include keywords throughout your content, but don’t go overboard

– Make sure your site is responsive and mobile friendly

– Optimize your images for SEO

– Use Google Search Console to track your site’s search engine visibility and

Webflow will automatically create a sitemap to help search engines crawl your site more effectively . You can find your sitemap at

6. Can I do Webflow SEO myself?

An experienced Webflow SEO company like The Connected Narrative will definitely be able to help you improve your Webflow site’s SEO performance. However, if you’re feeling confident and want to try your hand at it yourself, there are a number of tutorials and guides available online to help you get started.

7. Is Webflow or WordPress better for SEO?

That’s a difficult question to answer as it depends on your specific needs and requirements. Generally speaking, many argue that WordPress is better for SEO as it has more plugins and tools available to help beginners optimize your site. However, Webflow is catching up fast and has some great features that can help you optimize your website for SEO. In the end, it comes down to personal preference. If you already have the foundation knowledge of SEO, then you can use either platform to create a successful website.


So, is Webflow good for SEO in 2024? The answer is a resounding yes!

We’ve explored some of the ways you can optimize your Webflow site for better search engine visibility performance. We’ve also looked at how you can use Webflow’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create custom websites without needing any coding knowledge.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Webflow today and see the difference it can make to your SEO strategy!



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